3D Printer

Continuously following the new trends and customer expectations, designing and producing machines with advanced technology, high added value, that are environment friendly and energy saving, Ermaksan proudly present new technology in additive manufacturing technology ENA 250

Technology: With a 250x250x300 mm3 building envelope ENA 250 allows to create components in almost any geometric shapes directly from CAD data.

Open Access: Ermaksan allows to customers the freedom to optimize machine settings specifically according to their parts geometry and production requirements. . Users may control up to 113 parameters for every different material types.

Safety Processing : ENA 250 machine technology is developed for safe processing of reactive powders like titanium alloys. Real time process monitoring systems allows to you safe production

Ermaksan Build Processor : .STL file from CAD package or CAD formats can be import directly into the Magics software. The large suite of functions gives to user greater control of the build, more support structure generators and powerfull build file generation algorithms.

User Friendly and intuitive Operation :

Mobile Monitoring: Enjoy the last generation of hardware and software with intelligent production process while reducing your manufacturing time and operation cost.

Laser Source : Ermaksan FSM- 500 W Yb-Fiber Laser, dynamic focus enables high quality and fast production. Optionally 750 W, 1 kW can be configurable.

Technical Specifications
Building Envelope (mm3) : 250 x 250 x 300
Variable layer thickness : 100 - 20 μm
Laser Power : 500 W (1000 – 750 W optional)
Scan Speed : up to 7 m/s
Scan System : 3D, Adjustable focus optic; varying of image field size, working distance and spot size
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 2700 x 1440 x 2030
E. connection /Power input : 400V 3Ph/N/PE ; 25 A, 50/60 Hz, 4,5 kW
Inert Gas : Ar
Inert Gas Consumption : < 3,5 L / min
Operating system : Windows 7 embedded
Software : Ermaksan Build Processor, Magics
CAD Interface : STL
Network : Ethernet / Ethercat


Powder Metallurgy