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With more than half a century of technology production experience and expertise, we are offering you innovative technologies that will carry your company to the future. We offer high value-added and advanced technology solutions in the fields of sheet metal processing machines, additive manufacturing, and optoelectronics by combining the power we derive from our long-established reputable past with our innovative approach.

Hurry to see the fields where we focus on technologies that will shape the future, discover the future today!

Sheet Metal Processing Technologies

We are a leading industrial organization that produces innovative, high-quality and high-tech machines in the sheet metal processing machinery sector.

Additive Manufacturing Technologies

We carry out the production, sales, and after-sales services of 3D metal additive manufacturing machines and the production of various metal powders.


Optoelectronic Technologies

We offer advanced technology products and services in the fields of fibre laser resonators, laser diodes, FBG sensor technologies, and CNC software solutions.


Exhibition Calendar

Below you can find the upcoming exhibitions Ermaksan will attend. We would be pleased to see you there.